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In our unit, we do a number of social projects every year like blood donation camp, eye testing camp followed by free operations, dental camp, osteoporosis camp etc besides running a free dispensary every Sunday in the school.

Our biggest project is the adult literacy project where we run a free school for approx 150-200 illiterate girls of the neighbourhood in which we teach them for 3 years in basic Hindi, Maths, English, Sewing, Craft, etc. 

A Synopsis of all our Social Programmes which we have done [ most are annual ]
  1. Adult Literacy program where 150-200 poor girls of the locality are given free education.
  2. Weekly free Doctor & Dispensary for all poor people of the locality. This program is on for more than a decade now. Mr. Bikash Kataruka is the sole person responsible for this program. We help with medicine collection drives.
  3. Annual Blood Donation camp.
  4. Annual Eye camp involving free check-up, distribution of spectacles and free eye operations.
  5. Annual Osteoporosis camp involving free testing, consultation and distribution of free medicines.
  6. Periodic Dental camp involving free check-up, consultation and distribution of free medicines.
  7. Periodic free administration of life saving vaccination like Hepatitis A,B, C etcetera.
We, the DBPC alumni, have always made our school proud. We have always tried to give back to the society, and we have always proved that the legacy of Don Bosco does not end when we pass out of the school. We need your help to continue with our social service efforts. Please donate to this cause. Please make all payments by cheque or demand draft, payable to: DON BOSCO ALUMNI -PARK CIRCUS UNIT-PROJECTS

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