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7th April, Sunday   |   From 11:00 am

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About DBPC
Don Bosco School Park Circus, better known as DBPC, is situated at 23, Darga Road,in the Park Circus area of Kolkata. It is an English medium school for boys, imparting education from first through twelfth grade. Established in 1958, it is run by the Salesians of the Kolkata Province . The school operates under the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board. The motto of our school is Virtus et Scientia, meaning Virtue and Knowledge in latin. The school started functioning on 31 January 1958 and has been in service to the people of Kolkata for 50 years.

DBPC provides it's students with facilities which are par excellence. The school boasts of laboratories which are huge in size and up to date. The school has multiple computer laboratories which are equipped with the latest generation computers for the students to sharpen their computing skills on. Facilities for sports are more than adequate with multiple basketball courts, table tennis rooms, a skating rink and a football ground. It also has one of the best school auditoriums in Kolkata. DBPC uses the house system to foster a sense of competition and belonging. The four houses are SAVIO(Red)BOSCO(Blue)FRANCIS(Yellow), and RUA(Green). All activities in the school are organized according to the houses.

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